Well, with the wrapping up of the Penguin page a little bit ago, all character pages are now fully skeletonized. I've got all the skill pics, levels, and states of each skill for each character that didn't have them before, although we've still got a long way to go before getting them fully fleshed out. That said, I'm probably going to be doing some revisions to the current pages, just to make them a little nicer.

Possible revisisons:

  • Bold skill names. That way, they're a bit easier to stand out than the skill description.
  • Move class paths under a separate header, aptly named class paths. Or class routes. Whichever sounds better.
  • Possibly conform the "developed" skills much like the way the 12 Tails official website does. If people like it that it says they are developed from skill X in the description though, I'll leave this one be.

That should about sum everything up. Woo for progress!

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