Wow...just finished updating bullets in the Quests page. I wanted to move the left margin back a tiny bit, so that all the items would fit as well as possible. Turns out there IS a way to do that. Turns out it's also completely incompatible with the current data format. Hooray for manually editing each line of code...even with copy and paste, and even find and replace, it still took a good hour. I never want to do that again...

Aside from that, earlier I updated the Missions page, so that it looks nicer. All of the tables in the wiki can get an update! Isn't that fantastic? I'll have to get cracking on the character ones and see if I like the new tables for those...if not, I'll leave them as is. Ooh...things I need to remember. There was something important on the talk page of Boldas' Recruitment and I want to change the Mission drop down list so that instead of taking you to the category it takes you to the actual page. I mean, it's much cleaner than the nasty wiki alphabetical sprawl, so why not make that a direct link?

I'll have to take that up another time. It's almost six in the morning and I feel like I'm gonna pass out. Hooray for caffeinated tea... G'night everyone. Or...good morning? Something like that...


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