Finally got around to doing stuff to the Chameleon Page.

- Added C tree! Looking great! It's a bith lengthy...but I don't know what we can do anything about that.

- Fixed all the little errors and got all the skills into a single format!

- Modified the class flavour text to fit at the top!

I still feel like the page looks...a little bleak. The whole thing is mostly skills, so I feel like we should write a bit more about some other things. Looking at the Thai wiki, they have ratings for all the Chameleon's base stats, which is kidna neat and visually appealing, so maybe I'll try to work in something like that, eh? Suggestions appreciated!

Other things...

I hope to get back into editing more for the next few weeks before my trip to China (so excited!), but we'll see what happens, eh? I want to fill in some missions if possible, and maybe even do some analyzing of builds for characters. I want to make the wiki look nicer as well, but there's only so much of that under my jurisdiction. Also, I'm hiding from the items page, because honestly it scares me shitless. They keep adding new items, and I keep wanting to do those pages less and less...

Ah least the important stuff is getting filled in.

Slowly but surely.



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