Well, I've been editing the Items main page for quite a while now...literally for more than twelve hours.

I didn't ever expect it could take so long! Al the icons take forever, and all the stats for each item need to be typed, double checked, and then checked again, just to make sure I got them all. And MAN! I make so many spelling errors. I had to re-read the entire page through several times to make sure everything we right! Who would expect "Trumpeter" to be the correct form? I always thought it was "Trumpeteer"...

In any case, I'm still only about half way...the 12 Tails website hasn't put up info for any of the clothes in-game. So all the equipment info for Monkeys, Cats, Penguins, Sheep, Bats, and Rabbits isn't up yet. Oy vey! Additionally, only W4 level weapons are up (excluding raffle items). So I'll still have to dig up info about the weapons. Graaah!

Why is it taking so long!? We still need individual pages for each item, with screenshots (yeah, I'm OCD). That's gonna take even longer! I don't want to be the one to add all those links and pages and stuff!

So, I suppose it's time for a little less stressful news, eh? I'm done editing what I can of the Items, and now I can focus on improving the other character pages. I want to work on the Chameleon page some more, but I've put some time into the Rabbit page, and I ought to give some attention and care to the other classes.

Random trivia: The "Chameleon" character is often called (off of a rough translation) "Dragon". Isn't that cool!? So the next time you see an item that's only compatible with "Dragon" class, you know that it's for Chameleons!

That's it for now. Ta ta!


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