First blog, that is.

Hey! I don't really know what these are for, but I'm gonna make the first one!

So, here's for being completely original:

1. Create a Chameleon character

2. Never wear any gear other than the sandals

3. Always use the iron bow

4. Max your AGI, LUK, and DEF

5. ?


Okay, now really. I'm starting a page for items, and I can do all the table layout and stuff (cuase it turns out I'm really into wiki code editing now and it's super intuitive, for me anyways. Whew! What a long ) but I still need help with data, data, data cause I can't make bricks without clay. And I don't understand half of the stuff in game. Anyways, If anyone can contribute a good resource, or better yet, help edit and add all the info, that'd be super spiffy! Like, spiffy tofu magnesium or something. Yeah.

Oh...and what does 55555+ mean?

I see so many fives...they do not make sense. (Chewbacca Defense)

Thanks again!

...hope I don't have to be second, too...

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