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  • RamuneDrink

    Wow...just finished updating bullets in the Quests page. I wanted to move the left margin back a tiny bit, so that all the items would fit as well as possible. Turns out there IS a way to do that. Turns out it's also completely incompatible with the current data format. Hooray for manually editing each line of code...even with copy and paste, and even find and replace, it still took a good hour. I never want to do that again...

    Aside from that, earlier I updated the Missions page, so that it looks nicer. All of the tables in the wiki can get an update! Isn't that fantastic? I'll have to get cracking on the character ones and see if I like the new tables for those...if not, I'll leave them as is. Ooh...things I need to remember. There was so…

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  • RamuneDrink


    June 13, 2012 by RamuneDrink

    Finally got around to doing stuff to the Chameleon Page.

    - Added C tree! Looking great! It's a bith lengthy...but I don't know what we can do anything about that.

    - Fixed all the little errors and got all the skills into a single format!

    - Modified the class flavour text to fit at the top!

    I still feel like the page looks...a little bleak. The whole thing is mostly skills, so I feel like we should write a bit more about some other things. Looking at the Thai wiki, they have ratings for all the Chameleon's base stats, which is kidna neat and visually appealing, so maybe I'll try to work in something like that, eh? Suggestions appreciated!

    Other things...

    I hope to get back into editing more for the next few weeks before my trip to China (so excit…

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  • RamuneDrink

    ...because it's just:

    A list to myself of stuff I plan to do:

    - Add links for the various strategy guides on the wiki in the character guides

    - Start individual pages for each item.

    - Start on the Chameleon Guide...

    - Add a screenshot for items on the items page...

    - other...

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  • RamuneDrink


    May 31, 2011 by RamuneDrink

    Well, I've been editing the Items main page for quite a while now...literally for more than twelve hours.

    I didn't ever expect it could take so long! Al the icons take forever, and all the stats for each item need to be typed, double checked, and then checked again, just to make sure I got them all. And MAN! I make so many spelling errors. I had to re-read the entire page through several times to make sure everything we right! Who would expect "Trumpeter" to be the correct form? I always thought it was "Trumpeteer"...

    In any case, I'm still only about half way...the 12 Tails website hasn't put up info for any of the clothes in-game. So all the equipment info for Monkeys, Cats, Penguins, Sheep, Bats, and Rabbits isn't up yet. Oy vey! Addition…

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  • RamuneDrink


    May 27, 2011 by RamuneDrink

    First blog, that is.

    Hey! I don't really know what these are for, but I'm gonna make the first one!

    So, here's for being completely original:

    1. Create a Chameleon character

    2. Never wear any gear other than the sandals

    3. Always use the iron bow

    4. Max your AGI, LUK, and DEF

    5. ?

    6. PROFIT

    Okay, now really. I'm starting a page for items, and I can do all the table layout and stuff (cuase it turns out I'm really into wiki code editing now and it's super intuitive, for me anyways. Whew! What a long ) but I still need help with data, data, data cause I can't make bricks without clay. And I don't understand half of the stuff in game. Anyways, If anyone can contribute a good resource, or better yet, help edit and add all the info, that'd be super spif…

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