6/2 Highway Blockade
Mission highwayblockade
Dark Panther suddenly block the road, what's the meaning of this? All of them are acting strange.
Knock Dark Panther and break through.

Mission GuideEdit

Main ObjectiveEdit

Multiple waves of 4 Dark Panthers appear, which you must kill until Boldas and help arrives. You have the option to leave as soon as Boldas arrives or stay to kill dark panthers and shades for the bonus.


Kill all the dark panthers.

S RankEdit

  • Time: <100s


  • Black Rock (Shade1)
  • Pepper (Dark Panther)
  • Chocolate (Complete Mission)
  • Iron Powder (Complete Mission)
  • Copper Ore (Complete Mission)
  • Heavy Leather (Complete Mission)
  • Smoke Gas (Shade1)
  • Black Pebble (Shade1)
  • Dark Crystal (S)
  • Lvl 24 Weapons (rare drop)


  • This is a good mission for leveling. Boldas helps out after you kill 9 dark panthers.

Flight Back to the City Highway Blockade Shade in the City

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