• Slaix223

    New Event: Tiger Cards

    July 11, 2012 by Slaix223

    Note: This event is now over. Hope people won lots of cool stuff!

    We've got a new event going on at the 12 Tails site, and it's just as nice as most of the others, if not moreso!

    Here's what you do, go here:

    Sign in with your username and password, then select one of the cards that shows up. After that, simply select your server and it'll be sent to you in your mailbox! I've heard (And seen) things like mupo mounts, lucky boxes, angel elixirs, and reskill drugs are up for grabs, all of which are very nice! Don't miss out on them!

    Edit: Here's an image that has all the possible prizes:

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  • RamuneDrink

    Wow...just finished updating bullets in the Quests page. I wanted to move the left margin back a tiny bit, so that all the items would fit as well as possible. Turns out there IS a way to do that. Turns out it's also completely incompatible with the current data format. Hooray for manually editing each line of code...even with copy and paste, and even find and replace, it still took a good hour. I never want to do that again...

    Aside from that, earlier I updated the Missions page, so that it looks nicer. All of the tables in the wiki can get an update! Isn't that fantastic? I'll have to get cracking on the character ones and see if I like the new tables for those...if not, I'll leave them as is. Ooh...things I need to remember. There was so…

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  • RamuneDrink


    June 13, 2012 by RamuneDrink

    Finally got around to doing stuff to the Chameleon Page.

    - Added C tree! Looking great! It's a bith lengthy...but I don't know what we can do anything about that.

    - Fixed all the little errors and got all the skills into a single format!

    - Modified the class flavour text to fit at the top!

    I still feel like the page looks...a little bleak. The whole thing is mostly skills, so I feel like we should write a bit more about some other things. Looking at the Thai wiki, they have ratings for all the Chameleon's base stats, which is kidna neat and visually appealing, so maybe I'll try to work in something like that, eh? Suggestions appreciated!

    Other things...

    I hope to get back into editing more for the next few weeks before my trip to China (so excit…

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  • Slaix223

    Edit (6/2/2012): Right. I should've remembered to do this as soon as possible. To participate in the event, go here and log in with your username. After that, scroll down until you find a button after the score card. Click it, and you'll be put in for that day. Do this daily, and you'll get good rewards! ...Unfortunately, I realize now that it's too late to get the top-most prize, but since I doubt anyone else is actually planning on participating, I guess I'm safe.

    I thought about putting this in the wiki news section, but then realized it may not exactly fit due to it not being news about the wiki. Rather, it's news about the game itself, that all current players must read!

    In addition to releasing the next version of the game, 5.00, BigBug…

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  • Slaix223

    Adding Mission Pages

    May 23, 2012 by Slaix223

    EDIT (5/27/2012): So far, I've gotten up until mission 4/6 filled out, at least in terms of mission descriptions, objectives, and image stuff. Every new mission still needs time and score filled out for S rank, and I know very little about items, particularly because I can't get all of them (I can't really S rank missions by myself, after all...). Tips would also be appreciated, but since I seem to be the only one editing the wiki at the moment, help seems improbable. Ah well.

    Over the next couple of days, I'll get the same info for missions 5/1 - 5/6, 6/1, and 6/3. I've taken the liberty of uploading all mission photos, including any cutscene and PVP mission, so feel free to use them (Or replace them with better ones if you can get a good …

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  • TimeWalker

    Summer Rallye 2

    April 21, 2012 by TimeWalker

    Update: This event is now finished.

    Hey! Right now there is an event running from . It's called Summer Rallye II.

    It pretty much works like Ladders & Snakes. Just login at the page and every day you can dice once and move to the correspondending number. There are places, where you go further or go back. At the end of the event, you get the prices when you crossed over these specific price spots [1]

    So pretty much, good luck.

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  • Slaix223

    Well, with the wrapping up of the Penguin page a little bit ago, all character pages are now fully skeletonized. I've got all the skill pics, levels, and states of each skill for each character that didn't have them before, although we've still got a long way to go before getting them fully fleshed out. That said, I'm probably going to be doing some revisions to the current pages, just to make them a little nicer.

    Possible revisisons:

    • Bold skill names. That way, they're a bit easier to stand out than the skill description.
    • Move class paths under a separate header, aptly named class paths. Or class routes. Whichever sounds better.
    • Possibly conform the "developed" skills much like the way the 12 Tails official website does. If people like …
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  • TimeWalker

    Wiki Adoption

    December 24, 2011 by TimeWalker


    I noticed that the only admin RareSumo is inactive since 10. July and that means that there is no admin working on the wiki right now. The problem would be, that when there are pages which should be later locked (like Front Page or anything else inportant) or people try to vandalize pages or add senseless pages, there will be no way to fix this.

    My goal would be, to make the wiki more active and do some must needed changes (like the wiki layout) and maybe in future stop potientally harmful things. That's why I'd like to adopt this Wiki and become an admin. However, before I would get the admin rights I want to ask the active contributers if they're all right with this, which are RamuneDrink and Riodaisho.

    Hopefully you would agree that …

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  • RamuneDrink

    ...because it's just:

    A list to myself of stuff I plan to do:

    - Add links for the various strategy guides on the wiki in the character guides

    - Start individual pages for each item.

    - Start on the Chameleon Guide...

    - Add a screenshot for items on the items page...

    - other...

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  • RamuneDrink


    May 31, 2011 by RamuneDrink

    Well, I've been editing the Items main page for quite a while now...literally for more than twelve hours.

    I didn't ever expect it could take so long! Al the icons take forever, and all the stats for each item need to be typed, double checked, and then checked again, just to make sure I got them all. And MAN! I make so many spelling errors. I had to re-read the entire page through several times to make sure everything we right! Who would expect "Trumpeter" to be the correct form? I always thought it was "Trumpeteer"...

    In any case, I'm still only about half way...the 12 Tails website hasn't put up info for any of the clothes in-game. So all the equipment info for Monkeys, Cats, Penguins, Sheep, Bats, and Rabbits isn't up yet. Oy vey! Addition…

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  • RamuneDrink


    May 27, 2011 by RamuneDrink

    First blog, that is.

    Hey! I don't really know what these are for, but I'm gonna make the first one!

    So, here's for being completely original:

    1. Create a Chameleon character

    2. Never wear any gear other than the sandals

    3. Always use the iron bow

    4. Max your AGI, LUK, and DEF

    5. ?

    6. PROFIT

    Okay, now really. I'm starting a page for items, and I can do all the table layout and stuff (cuase it turns out I'm really into wiki code editing now and it's super intuitive, for me anyways. Whew! What a long ) but I still need help with data, data, data cause I can't make bricks without clay. And I don't understand half of the stuff in game. Anyways, If anyone can contribute a good resource, or better yet, help edit and add all the info, that'd be super spif…

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